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Don't Let Your Gear Own You

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You see it online, you think that it's going to change your game and get you noticed, but you soon realize that you've made a terrible mistake. This has happened to me tons of times. Let's talk about that.

In this day and age, we all fall victim to the latest and greatest craze and we are told that this camera is the best camera out there right now. All for just $9000!!! The old notion of, "You get what you pay for" is true, every single time, even if it's very expensive. One time, I bought a camera that filmed in 4K, 60 FPS and came with it's own viewing monitor for about $4000. It was brand new, never used and was bought from a known retailer so I thought to myself, what can go wrong? It wasn't out of the box 5 minutes before I realized that it wasn't worth the money.

I turned it on and the 4K setting wasn't a true 4K and even thought the viewfinder, you can see the digital noise like a cow in an open field. On top of that, the monitor it came with didn't even show the video in the correct aspect ratio. Even though it was a 16:9 monitor, it still shrunk the video to a 4:3 ratio and looked even worse than the viewfinder.

I was at somewhat of a crossroads at this point, do I exchange it and wait another couple of weeks for a camera that may not show any improvement or do I just get my money back? What did I do? I got my money back!

I wasn't about to let a new camera make me become a slave to the latest trend or let myself be influenced by someone I've never met and tell me what I need to use for my projects. So I decided to find a different camera and sure enough, I found a decent camera that still does 4K at 60 FPS for almost half the price.

The whole point of the story is that if I let myself keep the crappy camera, I would have just bought a really expensive piece of crap that would have just sat there for a long time. Instead, I decided to free myself of having that expensive burden on my mind. I'm not one to fall for trends easy. Every now and then I catch myself trying to justify the purchase and then end up talking myself out of it.

Don't let the latest and greatest cameras guide your career. These kinds of things are like IPhones, there's always going to be a new phone every year and every year they're going to tell you that the previous one sucks and make you feel bad for buying it so you can buy the new one. Don't be a slave to the latest trends!

- Adam


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