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Edward Cullen As Batman?

Yes, you read that right. It's been announced that Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen from Twilight, is in the negotiation process to be cast as the next Batman. At first, you may be thinking, "WTF WHY???". I know I did, but you need to look a little further than the Twilight franchise and see why fans became so enthralled by Robert.


Sure, being a seductive vampire in a movie can be challenging, but I think after the first movie, you would get the hang of it and it wouldn't be much of a challenge anymore to play. However, this isn't the only time we see Robert in a fantasy style role. He was the guy that competed against Harry Potter in the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Although he died as fast as he was introduced, it was enough to show that he did have some acting ability.

He did play bigger roles, thankfully, to show the world what he can really do as an actor. He played Eric Packer in a movie called Cosmopolis. The scene is kind of questionable because of the nature of the content, but it takes a lot for an actor to take up this kind of scene and make it resonate with audiences. Being able to take a script, a directors feedback and advice and bring the words of the character to life.

He also played Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me. The scene where he rants to his father, who is played by Pierce Brosnan, shows how he can work with such a prominent actor and be able to hold is own. It's a challenge to work with one of the biggest acting stars of our time and not get overshadowed by their on-screen presence. Luckily for Robert, he was able to shine just as bright as the others in this scene.

Robert Pattinson has the acting ability to put out what the role requires as most professional actors can, but being able to resonate with audiences and capturing their imagination to bring it to new heights is something that some actors can't accomplish. That's a talent that comes naturally. It can be worked on, but can you honestly say that he brought out the best in Kristen Steward? If you look at her other roles, you'll find out pretty quick that she doesn't have much talent. Casting her in Twilight was probably her best role, but outside of that, there isn't much substance to her acting. Some actors just don't have that certain spark with audiences. Of course, this is all preferential, but the actor needs to be able to attract audiences in order to become better. Without the fans, you don't succeed.


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