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How Much Does Rest Affect Your Workflow?

One important thing we all tend to overlook is how much we've been working. Whether it's working too much overtime or taking on too much extra work, it can get exhausting. I have been guilty of that many times over, but it's rare for me to actually try to rest.

Normally, when I don't have anything to do, I find something to do. Working in retail for 8 years of my life put me in that state of mind and that's probably one of the only positive things I took away from that experience. When I don't have any work for South Town, I find something for me to do like work on the website or advertising myself or even write one of these blogs. Te point it, I'm ALWAYS working on something. One has to think, how much work is too much and when is it time to take a break?

As an entrepreneur, my main goal is to get as much exposure as possible. After all, if no one knows that I'm doing what I'm doing, how am I going to make money? How will I be able to pay for the business expenses and still be profitable if I don't market myself? There's nothing wrong with giving 110% in your business or whatever it is your passionate about, it only becomes a problem if that is all you do.

Recently, I was at a job and I was doing my normal thing, setting up, programming, testing, nothing that I haven't done a million times before. There was one difference though on this day, I was tired. Not just any kind of tired, I mean lack of sleep the entire week, constantly working and talking with potential clients, scheduling, booking, advertising and other stuff like that. By the time event day rolled around, I had only slept for about 5 hrs and I was headed for another 15 hr work day. It showed it my work. I wasn't 100% and I wasn't able to think on my feet as easy.

After the event was over, I decided that I was going to take some time off to rest and get my mind right. I had left that event thinking that I half-assed everything and didn't give it my all like I always do. I had been so focused on getting so much work that I forgot to take a breath. Some people say they don't get affected by stuff like that, but more than likely they aren't aware that they are affected. I say this because I was one of those people.

One thing this break has taught me is that you can't always rely on determination to get you through situations. Sometimes, if you are that fatigued, you will trip over yourself and you'll fall if you're not careful. So always remember, the more rested you feel, the better you will be in your work. In the words of the famous Ron Swanson, "Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.".


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Oct 15, 2021

Great reading your blog

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