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The Biggest Red Flag When Hiring A Wedding Videographer

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There's always things to watch out for when you look at wedding videographers. The one thing people almost always look over is the most important, the equipment. Let's talk about that.

I'm not saying don't hire someone because they have outdated equipment because sometimes older equipment does better than newer equipment. What I'm saying is, if you hire someone and they show up on your wedding day with nothing but an iPhone in their hands and a few gimbals to keep the iPhone steady, you would be pretty upset. Especially if you just paid this guy a $1000 deposit and you still have a $4000 balance remaining on the contract.

This is a subject I've touched on before, but I'm seeing more of and more people using their iPhone's for wedding gigs. The same iPhone's that they use for their own personal storage is also being used for people's special occasions and to me it's an insult. I don't have a problem with iPhone's having a great image and being able to make great videos, but you aren't going to see Hollywood use iPhone's for the next Avengers movie.

I find it very upsetting that people are being charged thousands of dollars for someone to use a phone to film their special day. If they wanted to do that, they could have had some of their family members do that for free. There's bound to be at least a few family members with a new iPhone.

If this is something you are ok with, then disregard what I'm saying. I just believe that a day as special as a wedding deserves more than an iPhone. I also believe that a special day doesn't need to break the bank or keep you in debt for years after it's over.

- Adam


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