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The Reason Why I Haven't Posted In A While

Hello all, hope all is well :). If you're one of the people who have been wondering where I've been and why I haven't posted any blogs in a while, there's a reason for it.

2 Sundays ago, I had the honor and privilege of shooting a music video for Armstrong, a local band here in Lubbock, Tx. It was an amazing experience to be there in the room with the band and crew and it's a moment I won't soon forget. Since the shoot ended, I've been busy color correcting and cleaning up certain points in the videos. I've been at it for a while now and I still have a long ways to go. One thing is for sure though, it will come out and it will be epic.

The guys in Armstrong are excited for this to come out and we can't wait to be done with it to show the world how awesome these guys are. They are one of the most promising band in Lubbock at the moment and they have a bright future ahead of them. If you ever see them in concert, you'll be blown away. Be sure to check them out when you can!

Not only that, we've also been busy with our lighting rentals and we've been doing a few out of town jobs. Squared Circle Pro was the first of our clients that uses our lighting system and now we are starting to branch off into different areas such as weddings, conferences, and other types of events. If you are wanting some lighting for your next event, contact us and we'll schedule a booking date. Dates are first-come, first-served so be sure to book your date asap!

So that's it, that's why we've been missing a few blog posts. We will be back on a regular blogging schedule as soon as our booking schedule allows it. See you all soon :)



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