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The TRL "Revival"

As you may have heard, they thought it was a good idea to revive Total Request Live on MTV. Everyone knew it was a bad idea, except MTV.

TRL was once a great show that lasted 2 hrs and had music videos, live performances and tons of interviews and fan interactions with artists popping in as guests hosts and surprise visits. They eventually said it was too long of a show and dropped it all the way down to a 30 minute segment and eventually was dropped all together.

I miss those days. Seeing the world premiere of a music video before you could see it anywhere else was exciting. Now, we have YouTube and we don't get so excited anymore. It's more like, "Eh, it's Tuesday, something new to watch" where before it would be, "DUDE, KORN IS STILL NUMBER 1!!!!!!".

If they actually did the revival right, it would have been a good thing for a failing network. Keeping true to what MTV has become, they bombed. MTV has become a hipster version of it's former glory and only focuses on reality TV as it's main programming instead of living up to it's name. Yes, it has music in it every now and then, but even a needle can be found in a haystack if you look hard enough.

What was more disappointing than anything was that they didn't even have a countdown of music. Even the 30 minute segments back in the day had a small mention of what video was ranked. What was even more embarrassing was the "Twerking Challenge" that they had with Liza Koshy. First off, who the hell is Liza Koshy and secondly, why a twerking challenge? I know I know, we live in an age where I can just google anyone, but my point is, she was basically a nobody in my book until I heard about her massive failure. Apparently, I'm not the only one who doesn't know who she is and no one was "twerking" with her and basically made her look like an idiot. If she was a nobody then, she's a someone now. It's just too bad that she's known for a fail like that. Not to diss on her fans, but if you're gonna have a segment like that, you probably want it to be with someone who people know and want to be around.

Needless to say, MTV failed, again. In times of desperation to stay relevant, always remember, if MTV does it, it's not going to work.


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