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Video Breakdown: Starset - Ricochet

Starset has been a force to be reckoned with since their debut album in 2014. Combining heavy metal riffs with a cinematic style allows them to stand out above the rest. They are a truly unique band. They even call their concerts "Demonstrations" and have even gone as far as making a comic book under the Marvel umbrella showcasing their Sci-Fi passion.

Their latest video is already making some waves, reaching over 70,000 views in their first day of being released. It steers away from their traditional space odyssey story lines, but it still keeps the sci-fi element.

In the initial scene, you see a man walking next to a burning house. There isn't much revealed with this scene, but you know it's one of those videos where it will all be revealed in time. The next scene shows a beautiful landscape setting for which the video is based and it then cuts to a scene showing what seems to be a husband and wife. You see her hand and arm with some kind of rash and is now showing signs that she is weak. Her husband tries to comfort her and before she passes, you see the emotional goodbye.

This is where the story takes a turn. After she passes, he turns her over on her side and starts taking DNA samples from her. He then takes off her ring and you find out that the ring is some kind of DNA sampler as well. After she is buried, it seems as if he is trying to cope with her death by calling women to his house. For some reason though, he doesn't allow anything to happen, he just kills them. Weird right?

He then takes the body over to what looks like a bath tub and puts the ring on her that contains the DNA of the wife as well as putting a single drop of the DNA in the tub itself. After a while, you see the body emerge from the tub and you see that the girl is no longer who she was, she became the wife. This is where you realize that he is trying to bring his wife back by altering the DNA of someone else. The experiment doesn't work however, as the cells seem to break down almost immediately and the body falls back in the tub with the internal fluids rushing out of the mouth. Pretty graphic, but we've seen worse in other videos.

Attempt after attempt, failure after failure, you see that he's rethinking the whole process. After he alters the DNA sequencing he attempts again and finally, success! He finally has his wife back, only there's one problem, she's not same person. She basically is a walking zombie like replica.

He tries to show her love and she doesn't accept it nor does she reject it. You can tell he realizes that she isn't the same but still tries to make it work. Eventually he comes to the realization that it will never work since he basically just recreated a shell instead of a soul and you see the initial scene in the beginning. The house that is burning is his own and you're left to assume that she is still in the house. Pretty gruesome end if you ask me. Then, you see that the ring has started some kind of shutdown sequence and you then see the man fall off the bridge and land on the tombstone of the wife. After he lands, you see the ring say, "Connection Lost" and you find out that the man wasn't a man at all. He was a robot that was trying to bring back his master.

Now, this video was pretty intense to watch. What gets me though, is the love this robot had for his master. Imagine, loving someone so much that you would do anything to bring them back. This is the parable to the song. The song describes being in love with someone and you struggle to forget that person because walls were built on both sides. Hence the name Ricochet. In the video however, the love that this robot had for his master wasn't a sexual type of love, it was the same kind of love you have for the person that brought you into this world. As much as he tried to show her the love that she had for him in life, he couldn't get past the shell, or walls, that were created when the master was reincarnated.

All in all, this video was amazing and very well done in telling the story. Starset succeeded in keeping with their sci-fi tradition and pleased their fans with a riveting story.

Check out the video blow:

- Adam

Do you agree with my interpretation of the song? Let me know in the comments below!!


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