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What Kind Of Video Ad Is Right For Your Business

Tons of businesses have ads all over the place. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook or on TV, you can't go anywhere now without seeing an ad. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you see ads that doesn't fit with what the business is all about. If you're a business, you'll want to pay attention to this blog because you'll want an honest opinion if something isn't right for you or not.

One thing businesses are trying to do is animations. Animations can be very cool if the're done right, but sometimes it's more of a hassle if you have to much of a story to fit in a small 30 second window. I've talked to businesses about this very idea and I have to be honest with them. If it will work with what they want, then it gets done. If it's not a right fit, I tell them the hurdles they will run into and how much more it would be compared to filming something simple. I know, the old saying "The customer is always right", but that doesn't mean that they will be a happy customer if they don't know all their options. Especially if they're cheaper options. A long time ago, there was a local business that filmed a series of silly commercials that actually had a story line. Every month or so, they'd release the next video to keep your attention and make you want to know what's going to happen next. That is smart marketing. It got people's attention and it kept their name relevant. Had they went the cartoon or animation route, it probably wouldn't have had the same effect.

Another type of ad that businesses like to do are one's that have too much story. Some ads out there focus mainly on what the actors are going through instead of showcasing the product. If you look at the Victoria Secret commercials, like really look at it and not just at the models, you'll know that they are wearing the products that Victoria Secret sells. If you look at a Zales commercial or a Toys R Us commercial you'll always see what products they sell. There are some companies, whether it's a big business or small business, you may notice that the commercial is basically a watered down version of a short film with a logo of the business at the end. If you really want people to see what your business can do for your customers, show them. Don't hide it with actors and a pointless story lines.

Now, what is the right kind of ad for your business? Simple, it's one that clearly shows what your business is all about. If you go the animation route, you may not have the ability to convey the right message. If you go with a story line type ad, you're message may be lost with all the action. Car commercials are notorious for making the car the main focus of every commercial no matter what is going on in the commercial. You see how it drives and the features it has and that's what everyone really cares about. Go with that kind of commercial. Make your product the main focus of the commercial, not the action.

Nothing is more important to a business than the right kind of advertising. Don't get caught up in over thinking all the ideas you've ever had and try to put it all in one video. Take your time and really hash out what you want. It'l save you time and more importantly, money.


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