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Why Cobra Kai Is The Expert For Flashbacks

Admit it, Cobra Kai is one of the best continuations in the history of franchise films. Not only did they bring back tons of nostalgia, the found a way to mix that with the modern generation.

One of the best things the series has done is calling back some of our favorite scenes and characters. Even in casual conversations between characters, you’ll get a reference from one of the original films. I’ve always had a problem with flash backs because it feels like certain shows rely on it to tell a story that didn’t actually happen until that episode calls for it (I’m looking at you How I Met Your Mother). There’s a big difference between actual flashbacks and storytelling flashbacks in these shows, and Cobra Kai does it the right way.

Lets use one example from the last season. In one of the more anticipated episodes, Daniel is fighting Chozen. One of the more subtle moments is when Chozen seems to have finally found his chance for revenge. All of a sudden, he does the exact same thing that Mr. Miyagi does to Kreese after the tournament in the opening scene of Karate Kid 2 and to Chozen at the end of the same movie. A hilarious moment for those of us who caught that right away.

Another example that doesn’t actually have a flashback in the films is the scene where the new Cobra Kai recruits face off against current students for a spot on the team. The show did an amazing job going back to the moments where Eli was being bullied by those same guys and now faces them as Hawk. Not only does it show how far Hawk has actually come as far as character development goes, it also shows that the show has had enough material and planned the story well enough to allow for this moment to happen.

If you’re like me, you’ll have watched the series completely more than 30 times. Obviously, you’ll be picking up stuff left and right after a while. Even if you haven’t, it’s still a great show to watch. Now that they’ve announced the return of Terry Silver, who knows what we’re in store for. All I know is, I’m ready for it!


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