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Recommended Products

There's tons of gear out there to choose from and it can feel overwhelming at times when you're trying to find what works best for you. Maybe you want something as simple as a phone setup, maybe you want something with better quality, or maybe you want to use the same stuff we use. Either way, we have some recommendations for what you can use. Pick from one of the categories below to jump to a section.

Disclosure (because being transparent is always the best thing to do): All links provided on this page are affiliate links, which means I will get a commission if you purchase an item from this list at no cost to you. So basically, I get a few pennies and you get what you're looking for. Kind of like a used car salesman but without the hovering and pressure to buy and I get to feed my kids. Also, all the products I mention on this page are products I recommend to businesses all the time. So rest assured, you're getting the best recommendation possible.

Filming a Music Video


The popular thing to do right now is to start a video or photography business with your smartphone. While I've never been a fan of that, I recognize that this is where people want to go. So instead of falling for the iPhone trend, I decided to look past that and I found some surprising items that gave me some hope. Now you could get an iPhone with your cell provider, but I usually steer clear from locking in my devices with a contract. Depending on which item you look at, the price will either be with the provider contract or the full price without the contract.