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Extra Life Game Day In Lubbock, Tx

On November 4th 2017, we participated in a national event called Game Day for Extra Life. Most of our team is based out of Lubbock, Tx, but we are still supporting our local Children's Miracle Network hospital. If you are wondering why I haven't been posting any blogs, this event was the reason why. Let me explain a bit.

When it got closer to Game Day, I had to start making preperations on my end to make sure things looked as good as they can. Most of what I did was behind the scenes like getting the rooms ready, setting up multiple computers and making sure the programs were gonna work. When you double check stuff like this, it's always better to double check everything as many times as possible.

If you followed my Facebook Page, you'll see that I actually did some streaming the day before just to see if everything was going to work correctly. Luckily, it did. When Game Day rolled around, all I had to do was hit the "Start Stream" button and off I went. Not only did I have to manage my streams, but I had to manage my wife's stream too since she was in the other room. I was there in case anything went wrong and I was able to tell them if something was going wrong in the stream like a muted mic or something. The rest of the team's setup was simple so they were able to manage it on their own.

It was a fun day and one that won't be soon forgotten. If you would like to see the replays of our Game Day streams, check out our twitch channels here! Since this is a new year, we already have tons of things planned so be on the look out for Team Try Hards out and about trying to raise money for the kids at the CMN!



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