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The One Type Of Venue You Should Never Use A Drone

Drones have become one of the most sought after piece of equipment for video production companies all over the world. They produce some amazing footage and depending on who is the pilot, can invoke some real emotion with the footage that is captured. People have now used them for tons of films and projects, but there is one type of venue that should never have a drone.

It's obvious that you can use a drone for outdoor footage because it's basically made for that. We've seen footage from mountain tops to sandy beaches to rarely seen amazon locations. We've even seen them in concert footage. The one place I've seen them used that should never be used in are indoor venues. There is concert footage where the drone is just in one static location above the band and I've even seen footage where it is being used in a wedding during the ceremony. How terrible would it be if you hired someone to film your wedding and all you can hear during the ceremony is the hum from the drone motor the entire time? Drone footage can really add cinematic value to any footage, but that needs to be left in open areas.

Not only is it a terrible idea to have a drone in that type of location, it's also very dangerous. Imagine this, you're at a concert and all of a sudden the drone malfunctions and comes crashing down on your head? I know that's a rare thing to happen, but I'm sure you don't want to have your hair sliced and head cut open by a falling drone no matter where you're at. Can you imagine having that happen to a guest at a wedding or even worse the bride? The cinematic value isn't worth the risk in venues that small.

Next time you're looking to have a drone in a small venue, make sure to consider all the possible risks that come with hiring a drone pilot. I'm not saying that the pilot is a terrible one, all i'm saying is that things can go wrong at the most inopportune time and you don't want to be the one it happens to. You may even have a drunk guest who thinks it's funny to crash one on purpose and you'll end up having to pay for their stupidity. Make sure you consider all options before you commit to something you can't go back on.


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