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The Top 5 Picks For PC Cases on Amazon

All links in this post are affiliate links. While this doesn’t affect the price you see, I do get a small commission if you buy one of the cases with these links.

I'm one of those that love to build their own PC's. I love being able to customize how my computer performs and I like to get the best rated stuff I can afford. Being a Twitch Affiliate and an avid gamer, I have to make sure my build can handle the work load of a high graphics game and be able to run XSplit, which is my streaming program. One thing I make sure I have every time is a Full Tower Computer Case. There are tons that are out there, but let’s just look at the Top 5 Rated Towers according to Amazon.

This case is the highest rated tower on Amazon, with 930 reviews at 4.5 stars! This case looks awesome and, as you can see, it has plenty of bays for you to connect up to 8 HDD’s or SSD’s. The case can accept pretty much all ATX Standard Form Factor Motherboards and it looks super easy to clean (which is a plus if you live in an area that collects dust like crazy). It has (3) 200mm LED fans and (1) 140MM fan. It has (2) 5.25 Drive Bays and it also has (2) USB 3.0, (2) USB 2.0, and (1) HD Audio Ports. The biggest feature of this tower is that it supports different positions for the CPU Radiator. To read more about the specifications for this computer, click here!

This case is the 2nd most popular case on Amazon, with 400 reviews at 4.5 stars! This case is more rounded off than the Thermaltake tower and is a little less expensive. It has latched side panels that make it easier to work with. It also supports dual 360mm radiators for state-of-the-art cooling systems. It’s also compatible with virtually all types of ATX motherboards. It come with (6) hard drive cages and (3) side mounted SSD bays for smart storage. It comes in both Red and White. They also have bundle options: Case + Fan & Case + PSU. To read more about this product, go here!

This stylish case is every LAN party participant’s dream. With 279 reviews at 4.5 stars, most purchasers will tell you they love it. The design is both black and white with a mesh front. The biggest plus for those who travel from house to house to play in some LAN parties will love that this case comes with a handle on top, making it easy to transport! Another unique feature of this tower is that is has a 90-degree rotatable 5.25”/3.5” combo cages that can offer flexibility for installation. This case also has a unique serial number that identifies each case. This is to help Amazon with loss and theft in case you don’t receive your case. To see more information about this case, go here!

Don’t let the simplicity of this case fool you, this is the 4th most popular case purchased on Amazon and it has 160 reviews at 4.5 stars. This chassis is all aluminum for Extended ATX, ATX, and SSI motherboards. It also has an air duct on the side that’s dedicated for graphics card cooling. The best feature of this case is that it has a user-friendly layout with multiple tool-less access. To read more about the specs of this case, go here!

This case is the most expensive case on this list, but it also has 112 reviews at 4.5 stars! This case is also aluminum, but it comes in black as opposed to the previous listing. This case is super sleek and would look nice on anyone’s desk who’s trying to show off their build. This case also has a window on the side which can show off all of your fancy lights and installs! This comes with 5 different areas that you can install both slim and thick radiators, varying from single to quad. It has (6) remove-able and reposition-able HHD cages and (2) Removable Drop-N-Lock Double Stack SSD Brackets that can be installed on 3 different locations. To see more about this product, go here!

Now, there’s one thing I forgot to mention about all of these towers, they are all Prime Eligible! How great is that? Not only can you get a nice-looking case for a (mostly) cheap price, but you can get it with your Prime membership!

If you don't have a Prime membership, click here! They also have discounts for students, in case you didn't know!

Now of course, I have never purchased any of these cases before, but I’m always looking to improve my build and make it more appealing for my eye, especially since I’m always working with it.


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