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Unity Fest: Ribbon Cutting, Celebrities & A Car Show!

Back in August, we had the honor of filming a very special event called "Unity Fest" in Lubbock, Tx. It consisted of a VIP Meet and Greet with the cast of the movie "Mi Vida Loca" and it also marked the first time that the cast had been reunited with the infamous car from the movie named "El Duran". The first night we filmed and took some pictures of the VIP event and we got to talk with Christina Solis (Baby Doll) and Veronica Arellano (Stranger) and even got to have a picture taken with them. The next day, we showed up to film the car show and the ribbon cutting. It was also the first time we were able to meet Jesse Borrego (El Duran). We filmed a ton of stuff that day and we had a blast! It was also the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for a local food truck named "Taste of Cali". The event had music, free food, free haircuts, and the opportunity to get an autograph and take pictures of the cast of "Mi Vida Loca". It was a blast for everyone there! Check out the highlight video we made and some pictures below!


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