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Video Breakdown: Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden

I'm a huge Breaking Benjamin fan. I've seen them tons of times in concert and had the chance to meet them during 2 seperate VIP Meet and Greet opprotunities. So I think it's time I breakdown one of their videos.

We all know that Ben is a huge nerd and he loves games and all things sci-fi, so it's not surprising that he made this video. What surprises me is that he took so long to do it. He's made music that's been syndicated for TV and Film and when he finally came back to bring us another album, none of us we're ready for what he had planned. When I first heard Ashes of Eden, I instantly knew that this was going to be made into a video. I had my thoughts and visions of how the video may be based off their history, but I was completely wrong. This video is filled with some amazing CGI work and visual graphics. The cinematic feel of the video adds even more emotion and creates some powerful moments during the fall of the two crew members.

Ben has said in interviews that the concept of this video is basically a sci-fi version of Adam and Eve and when their ashes burn up, their DNA ends up becoming the building blocks of the world we know today. It's a pretty poetic story and the song really adds a special emotion to everything. To me the song is about a loved one passing and you end up spending the next moments wondering if that person is still there for you in a different way.

We could debate on what the song really means, but Ben has also stated that he wants the listener to come to their own conclusion of what the real meaning is, just like Kurt Cobain has done before.



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