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Video Breakdown: for KING and COUNTRY - God Only Knows

for King and Country is an amazing christian group. I've recently become a fan of them thanks to my wife. She actually showed me a song of their called "God Only Knows" and I fell in love with it. Before we actually get into the message of the song, let's talk about the video itself.

The video revolves around this girl. She's going about her day like normal, but you can see that something isn't right. She gets up, puts on her makeup, puts on a fake smile and continues with her routines. You can see in the moments when no one is looking that she's troubled by something. When she's around other people in public, she puts on a mask and smiles like everything is ok, but she goes right back into the darkness that's consuming her. She joins friends at a local hangout, but leaves when she visibly feels isolated and left out. You can see at this point that something is really bothering her. She's visibly emotional and eventually finds herself at a bridge. She puts down a note on the sidewalk where she is standing and then she does he most horrifying thing anyone could do, she lets herself fall off the bridge. The video then reverses back to a time where she's making her way to the bridge and instead of her walking alone, her friend finds her and just hugs her. Instead of leaving the note on the sidewalk, she tears the note and throws it away. The video ends as the band and the actors walk away on the bridge, giving a simple indication that we all have a long uncertain road ahead.

The video doesn't have any complicated filming tactics and it's relatively simple cinematography. Sometimes, that's the best video to do for a message like this. Sure, special effects give it more of the wow factor, but simple stories and simple editing can be just as effective in getting the message across. Most of the shots in the video are done with a gimbal or they're holding the camera in their hand as they're walking on the sidewalk. All the shots from both the actor and the band are done with a body camera, like the one you see here (affiliate link). You'll notice that the scene where the friend comes to hug the main character that she's being hugged from the side. They did this so for two reasons, mainly because the harness is in the way, but also so you can see the subjects reaction as she's being hugged.

There is a really cool effect in the video that's worth highlighting. Using the body camera rig, the subject is sitting down and just falls to the side and it flips to another person who is doing the exact same thing, except the video is reversed. This give it the effect that when the first subject falls to the pavement, it transitions to another person who is continuing the motion except they go from the falling to sitting up straight.

Check out the video below!

Suicide is something that we've discussed in previous blogs that address the subject or that the artist themselves had committed suicide. Suicide is an ongoing issue with everyday life and shouldn't be taken lightly or ignored. It's important to recognize the signs of depression and if you find yourself falling into depression or see anyone exhibiting signs of depression, talk to them immediately and help them any way you can. You can reach the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or you can go to Don't be afraid to make a positive difference in someones life.

for KING and COUNTRY's new album, Burn The Ships, is available now! Make sure to catch them in their upcoming world tour!


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