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Video Breakdown: MercyMe - Flawless

MercyMe has been one of the most influential and inspiring bands to ever come out in existence. Not only did the break through in the Christian world, they broke barriers that allowed them to acquire fans from across the spectrum. My earliest memory of discovering who they were was when I heard, "I Can Only Imagine" on a road trip with my family on the way to San Juan, Texas. The band also had a major motion movie made about the life of Bart, which includes a mini origin story of the band, giving more insight to the song and the band. One of their most recent accomplishments is having the honor of playing "I Can Only Imagine" at the National Prayer Breakfast for President Trump's Administration. This band is very special and God continues to work through them to get his message to us. The music video for "Flawless" helps deliver their message.

Flawless is a term use to describe being perfect, or being made without any imperfections or blemishes. As we all know, no one on this earth is perfect. We all like to act like we are, but no one is without sin. This is what the video highlights. It shows what the actors and band members are either fearful of or are guilty of from their own words. The band in the beginning of the video are covered in paint, ruining their white suits and giving a visual of imperfection. As the song progresses, the paint is removed layer by layer. As the layers of paint are removed, it symbolizes how we can take of the layers of fear and guilt within ourselves. Eventually, all the paint is removed and everything is white, another symbolism for pure.

The biggest take away is that in revealing what we are fearful or guilty of, we reveal who we really are. No matter what we think is making us imperfect, we will always be flawless in the eyes of God. God has the ability of making all things new and rejuvenating our spirit. The one thing we have to remember is that he doesn't make it happen overnight. God's work is a process. Just like the layers that were taken off of the band in the video, the layers need to be taken off of us one by one so God can make us in the person we were meant to be. Wether you're having trouble with love, can't forgive yourself, haunted, or battling something, with God all things are possible. Just remember to be patient and to have faith.

In Galatians 6:9, it says, "So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." That verse keeps me going when I feel like I'm losing my grip and I feel like giving up. When I'm reminded of that verse, I take a breath, step bad for a minute, and then keep going. Life goes on, and so should I.

Check out the video below!

Don't forget, No matter what they say, or what they think you are, the day you called his name, he made you flawless.



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