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Video Breakdown: Nickelback - Song On Fire

I know, I know, It's a Nickelback song. Get over it!! Haha. I seriously don't understand why these guys get so much crap, they're actually a really good band. Don't believe me? Let's talk about it.

First thing, these guys have really started to have more of a country edge to the music. I like the fact that they can add that element to their music and still put out a really good rock song. If there's one person that can vouch for country music and not be an actual country artist, that person would be Ray Charles. He even said himself that he loves country music because of the stories. That's one thing that we have in common, I love watching music videos because of the stories. Now, on to the video end of this discussion.

No, this isn't a bad remake of Twilight, this is a story about a man and a woman. The man seems to be chasing this woman around the forest, but he seems to look like he's desperately trying to find her even though she is right there in front of him. She looks as if she is guiding him to where she's going while also being guided by random people. It doesn't seem as if she wants to go where they're telling her, but she follows anyways. You're left to wonder why everyone is playing this game of cat and mouse. Then at the final chorus, you realize that the man is trying to save her from crossing over into some kind of after life. You see what looks like the grim reaper guide her to a creek and when the man catches up to her, she's standing by the creek as if she's ready to walk in. He starts sending her notes and that kind of makes her realize what she's doing and ends up being pulled away by another figure away from the river. All of a sudden, she wakes up from what looks to be a coma and the man is right next to her and the people you see throughout the video are there with her. If you could hear any dialogue at this point, it would have been a perfect opportunity to start quoting the Wizard of Oz.

They've always said that people can hear you when they're in a coma. If that was the case, this would be a perfect example on how being there for someone can really help people come back. I really like how these guys put this as the story to the song because the song is already powerful enough with the lyrics and adding this to the song really gives it more meaning.

You can talk all the crap you want about Nickelback, but you can't take away the fact that these guys make songs that really mean something. 90% of their music is really positive and talks about what people go through on a day to day basis. Yeah, they have their typical rock star type songs, but for the most part, it's good music.

If you haven't seen the video, check it out here.



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