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Video Breakdown: Skillet - Stars

I love when bands make music videos for movies. Not only do you get to see some clips of the movies that is about to come out, but you also get to see the band perform in a special setting related to the movie. When I first heard the acoustic version of "Stars" from Skillet, I knew that it was a special song. Later, I found out that this version was made for the controversial movie, "The Shack". I checked it out and I was blown away by the whole thing. Let's break the video down.

Immediately, you'll notice that the theme of the video is very much like parts of the movie. It's dark, gloomy and almost depressing. You see the band walk up to a shack and start playing the song. This is something that most people miss when it comes to scenes like this, lighting is very important in situations like these. Most people don't realize how much of an effect it really has. Yeah, you can say, "Well yeah, movies do the same thing, so what?", but when it comes to music videos recreating the emotions of a scene and having the band show the same emotions with their actions and expressions. John Cooper and Jen Ledger do an amazing job expressing their emotions through the song and watching the video really adds a personal touch for the viewers.

You may have your opinions about The Shack and how it preaches a false narritive, but as I've said before in a previous blog, it's just a movie that was made from a book written by a man. If you don't watch it because of that, then that's ok. Everyone and everything will have their flaws and nothing will ever be 100% perfect. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the music.



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