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Video Breakdown: Starset - Monster

There's always that one video that comes out and makes people wonder, "Is that really how we are as a society now?" Sadly, most people will probably look at this video and say, "Oh wow, those are cool graphics!" and never think about what's really going on. Let's break this video down in case you decide you want to tell your friends that they are the people in this video.

The first thing you notice in the video are the weird double pyramid things in the air. You'll spend pretty much the whole time on the intro trying to figure out what those are. If you pay attention closely to the scene, you'll notice the building in there that isn't so well kept. That's the first clue to what's going on in that society. Of course, you won't know that unless you're either extremely perceptive or you watch this video multiple times.

You'll notice after you see the figure in the cloak walking around the civilians, all of them are in a comatose state. Think about this one for a second, the civilians are wearing what seems to be a form of virtual reality goggles. You may see this and say, "Well I'll just stay away from those things and I won't end up like them." Well, it may already be too late for you. How many of us already have smart phones that have the ability to play VR type videos and games? They've actually been around for a long time, we've just started incorporating it into more of our daily lives. Yeah, it's cool and it's nice to get away from all the horrific events from actual reality, but we need to be careful on how far we go or we'll end up just like them.

A little bit into the video, you see a character that actually notices the cloaked figure and it grabs the figures attention. He follows her home and eventually makes her aware of what's really going on around her. Sadly, she's the only one that this happens to. At the end of the video she's taken away as the world she knew seems to collapse. When you put the plot of the video in writing, it almost sounds a little familiar don't you think? Our society seems to be so preoccupied with all the technological advancements that we seem to be forgetting to take care of one another. To me, this video is a warning. If our society doesn't wake up and actually see what's really going on around us, we may suffer a similar fate.

I'm not trying to get political or tell people how to live their lives, I'm just conveying the message that is presented in this video. That's what happens when you actually look deeper into music videos and find that there is an underlying message. Take what you will from the story, but there's no denying that these guys are trying to tell us something.



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