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Video Breakdown: Stone Sour - Song #3

This video is a good example of a band that wants to have a little fun with their videos. Let's talk about it.

Literally, this whole video is about them making a music video. If you know Corey Taylor and his attitude about life, you'll know that he has an amazing sense of humor. This video reflects that. It kind of gives you a good sense of what a major video production company does for music videos by showing you what goes on behind the camera. Nothing glamorous, but there are a lot of people standing around pointing where you need to go and what you need to do while holding their clipboard, that's very common and pretty funny to see that in a music video.

The humorous part of the whole video is how Corey Taylor is always being told to go in the wrong places at the wrong time wearing the wrong wardrobe. My favorite part is when he slams the clipboard out of the girls hand. That would be my reaction if I was in his shoes.

Overall, the video is fun to watch and the music is awesome as always. If you haven't seen it, check it out here.



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