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What You Really Need To Start Shooting Videos

Tons of filmmakers think you need the right equipment to start being a filmmaker. Other's will tell you that you need to live in a certain location. While it may be true that good equipment is something that you'll need and locations can be everything, but it's not the thing you need to start being a filmmaker. So what is it?

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Names like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron weren't made because of the equipment magically showed up on set and they automatically knew what to do. It's their imagination that captivated audiences around the world. Imagine someone else directing Nightmare Before Christmas or Avatar. Do you think they would have been as successful as they were had anyone else been in the driver seat? I don't think so. Imagination is key to everything you see. You can only go so far with talent. Someone without an imagination isn't the one that brings people back to the theater.

Not only do you need that, you'll need something that most people don't have. Ever worked at a place that you hated the boss because he was only there to make the money and never really lead the department? I have. Leadership skills aren't always taught, the natural charisma and willingness to care about others is what makes people follow. Leaders are good at directing others in a way to help bring out the best in others. Someone in that position who doesn't care about who their leading isn't a real leader. They're just someone who is just filling a position and waiting for their next job. Being able to communicate what you want in someone in a way that can help them improve instead of tearing them down is an amazing thing for someone to have.

Next time someone tells you that you have to do certain things to do what you want, pay close attention to what they're saying. They may just be echoing what someone told them and never learned what is truly important. Let your imagination guide you and like I've mentioned before, use what you got. It'll get you farther than you think.

Have any questions or need some extra guidance? Let me know in the comments!

- Adam


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